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General Disputes

Do you have a dispute that you feel you cannot resolve? If so, then please call us for a free initial consultation to either put your mind at rest or to assist in moving things on.
We offer advice and representation for Landlords who have problem tenants and need to serve notice on the tenant for one reason or another so that they may take ownership of their property back from the tenant. This may be as a result of non-payment of rent, bad or illegal behaviour, nuisance or simply, the tenancy has ended and the Landlord requires the return of his/her property.

We can serve the initial notice and continue the possession process through to regaining access to your premises.

We offer advice to Tenants who believe they have been treated unfairly by the Landlord. This may be due to the Landlord not having served the tenant with the proper notices or in some cases, no notice at all. It may be that the landlord is trying to or has illegally evicted you.
We offer advice and representation to anyone who is owed money from another and the other party is unwilling to pay. This may be a family member who has borrowed money or you may be a trader who has completed and job and invoiced for the work and never been paid for it. You may be a builder who is being sued by your customer or the customer owes money to you due for work completed. These are just some examples of the debt recovery matters but if you are unsure of whether we could assist, please just call and we will either take your case on or point you in the right direction.
We can offer help to many clients who find themselves involved in disputes and our overriding objective is to try and achieve the best possible results at minimum cost for our clients by way of negotiation in the first place. This may be simply making a telephone call to discuss the issues with the other party or writing a letter in an attempt to present a solution. If, in the end, negotiation cannot provide the results required then we can represent you in court. Court is always the last option and we use our best endeavours to achieve results with the least possible disruption and upset, thus saving money for our clients.
Just give us a call on 01524 874 810 if you feel there is no way out and we will advise you as to the best possible route to take and the first 15 minutes is free whether on the phone or at the office.
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